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kind - Kubernetes IN Docker :kubernetes:

kind is a tool for running local Kubernetes clusters using Docker container "nodes".
It is primarily designed for testing Kubernetes 1.11+, initially targeting the conformance tests.

If you have go and docker installed go get && kind create cluster is all you need!

2x speed `kind create cluster` demo

Mr. CoffeeBot :tophat::coffee::robot:

An automated 12-cup coffee pot built around this $20 Mr. Coffee® pot and an Mbed microcontroller running Mbed OS based firmware. - Source

I've since updated this with an ultrasonic sensor for measuring the water distance and a Raspberry Pi running custom software deployed with Kubernetes. See Brewing With Kubernetes.

Planter :herb::package:

Bazel in a container.Planter Logo

Planter is a small script that wraps Bazel in a Docker container with your WORKSPACE and Bazel-cache mounted. This is useful for quickly switching versions and Linux builds from Mac. More details and source code here.

This Website :male_technologist:

This website in its current form was built using Hugo, with custom layouts and CSS. - Source

Too Many Lasers

Too Many Lasers

Our group project for CS 4731 (Game AI) at Georgia Tech, strategically place "AI" controlled star-fighters versus "AI" placed and controlled fighters. You can play it here. - Source

CreatureBox :alien::package:

CreatureBox is a pure golang obstacle avoidance evolutionary neural network simulation that runs on mobile and desktop. Blog Post - Source

Google Summer of Code 2015 :google::sun::male_technologist:

I spent the summer working on Kubernetes for Google Summer of Code 2015.
My work involved improving the service proxy by writing a new iptables-based implementation to replace the existing userspace implementation.

Contributions    Netperf Benchmark

slack-rs :slack::rust:

slack-rs is a Slack client library for Rust.  -  Source   Package   Docs   Demo Project

Edwin :robot:

Edwin was a cheap, custom-built robotics research platform, including DIY hardware and software, designed for indoor SLAM experimentation with an Asus Xtion PRO Live depth sensor / camera.

Olivaw :telegram::span:

My Telegram chat-bot, currently inactive mid-rewrite. - Source